Sports Sunday!

3FlagOnThePlay_SliderImgAnother Sunday filled with the NFL! Yahoo! Oh, wait! There’s golf on as well. I am a team Jordan follower! I think he is an amazing athlete!

And don’t forget Hockey starts soon as well!

No wonder I write books about sports since it’s on our television 24/7!

Who is going to watch the eclipse tonight? I am! I should take a nap since my characters from the book I’m working on, kept me up all night. I swear, the night is when my mind is the most active.

I’ve had a not so nice week. In the sense, I’ve been lied to. You would think with my life experiences, I would not be so naïve, but I trust people really have good intentions. I’m crushed when they don’t.

To cheer me up, we watched Hotel Transylvania and it improved my mood tremendously. Blah, Blah, Blah!

Believe in Yourself

6InterceptedAnother football season is underway and my team lost their first game. Ugh!
More time to write….

I have had a minor set back in my writing career but instead of feeling sorry for myself, (which I did for a couple of days, I admit), I decided to put my big girl pants on and to keep on writing.
I think what hurts the most is when people email me and ask when my next book is coming out. It’s something I have no control over at this point in time.

But now, I am between two manuscripts and having the time of my life. Don’t ever give up!



I am posting this as an article for people to take note.

As a writer, I try to perfect my work as best as I can. I can’t tell you how many times I reread what I’ve written to make sure I’m getting what I want to say, across to my readers. I have other people review it even before I submit it to my editor for a hopeful acceptance on their part.

Even after one of my manuscripts has been accepted, I appreciate what the editor has to say. Especially when they make a suggestion constructively and in a positive manner. I feel they know what they’re talking about and I will gladly change what they feel should be changed.

There is only one manuscript I’ve written in which it was suggested I change, but morally I couldn’t do it. It is unpublished as of now.

When Flag on the Play was being edited, I had several people review it. I can’t tell you how pleased I was when the editor said, ‘good job,’ or it would sound better if you explained it this way.’ Sure! Not a problem!

I’ve received editors who have said, ‘this character is too mean. No one is like that.’ Um. Have you met my husband’s aunt? But I changed it anyway. I felt she knew what works to sell your book.

We work long and hard with our editors to make a finished product. We can’t please everyone and understand that point. When I read my reviews (which is really hard), I take notice of what the negative comments say. ‘This plot was all over the place.’ Why did you think so? ‘This was boring, I couldn’t finish it.’ Why did you think it was boring? What were you looking for?

I think it’s me. When I get down, I have a tendency to read other authors work and I find solace that they suffer as I do. So much, when they write one of their characters as an author who receives bad reviews, the truth is told. It’s not just me.

As an example, one of my many favorite authors is Sandra Brown. When I moved to Texas (where she’s from), I had never heard of her. I went to the library and devoured everything she had written. There was only one story I didn’t care for but it was a different genre she had tried. But I didn’t write a scathing review. As an author, she is entitled to try different genres.

Imagine my surprise, just last week in The Dallas Morning News Sunday edition, the reviewer just ripped her newest work apart. The reviewer said it was so boring and predictable. It was as if  Ms. Brown just took a formula from her past books and blah, blah, blah. Was that necessary? I didn’t find this very constructive.

As I work on my two manuscripts, side by side, I remember what my negative critics say. I try not to have the plot all over the place and I try not to make it too boring and I try not to make the characters so mean (you really do have to meet this aunt) in order to make it a better story for you to enjoy. Isn’t that what you want to read?



It’s done! I submitted my hockey romance to Lazy Day/Blushing Books! I hope they enjoy it as much as I had fun writing it!

My website is almost done! I will let you know when it’s ready.

Now on to my next manuscript….

Relax? Ha!

Almost There!


What a great time with some really good friends on the Fourth of July! Thank you so much!!

This has been a really busy week for me and it looks like the coming week will be the same. Why, you ask?

I am determined to submit my book to my publisher this week. This means perfecting it as much as I can; writing my blurb to entice readers and finally building my web site with my awesome web designer. The folks I use to read my manuscript have been busy with their red pens and ‘suggestions’ which will make it a better story.

So, if I am quiet, you will know why!

Oh, did I mention the party we will host on Saturday for my husband’s co-workers? Yup! I will be a bundle of nerves so keep the wine flowing…..

Author Dilemmas


As I said last week, I finally finished the first draft of my next Romantic Comedy. It’s been a long time in the making due to lots of interruptions, but whew! I have distributed it for comments and corrections and am waiting for feedback before submitting it to the publisher.

This is my story and I write what I feel. Does it sell? I really don’t know how well. I know my friends have bought my books and they are very honest about their feedback. A few of them have admitted that no. It’s not their cup of tea and I understand completely. Then I have others who tell me how much they enjoy them and can’t wait for the next one.

If they are not selling well, is it because I’m not advertising them enough? I have a professional Facebook page (Lois L Kasznia) and am on Twitter (LoisKasznia). I have this blog and am now creating a web page with the help of a professional. I have taken an ad out for the online Affaire de Couer July/August magazine to promote my work. I am also a member of Romance Writers of America.

My publisher, Blushing Books/Lazy Day promote all of their authors and do not single one out from the other. They advertise in the RWA magazine and are quite active in the writing community. They host seminars to attend but for me, it is a dilemma to attend them. I do not make enough money off of my books to pay for an airline ticket plus hotel costs, to attend them.

I have started a savings plan to remedy this problem but I wonder if other authors suffer from the same dilemma.

Another question I pose is my stories. They no longer fit into the direction of the company and I find myself in the middle. I do not write Erotica nor religious stories but I do write Happy Ever After stories about people who make mistakes and correct them. Maybe its because I always seem to see the good in people and believe that they can change for the better. Speaking of change; do I change my style?