3FlagOnThePlay_SliderImgI hope everyone had a very good Thanksgiving! We did. This year, it was only the three of us which was fine.

After a scary morning with me getting dizzy, I slowly bounced back and was able to help put up the Christmas decorations. I am not a sickly person at all, so for this to happen to me was really frightening. My blood sugar had dropped to 71 and I don’t know why. My husband is a borderline diabetic and he has the sugar test device which enabled me to take my blood sugar count. I have a call to the doctor on my to do list for Monday.

I did get my second round of edits on the 25th and they are due back on 12/9. I have already gone through them the first time, mulling things over. I took Thursday and Friday off but worked on them again. I really appreciate everything the editor is saying and the suggestions she has are great. I need to work on my too many dialogue tags which does take some thought. I want the conversation to run smoothly so the reader doesn’t get confused. When I write, I really get into the story and my fingers fly over the keyboard. It does help when another set of eyes looks at what I’ve done.

Weather finally warmed up but will get cold again this coming Friday. Last year, we wore shorts putting up the outside decorations. This year, we had to wear jeans and a light jacket. I think we are in for a cooler than normal winter. Bummer! After living up north for so many years, I really liked the mild winters here. Oh well. Live and learn.


I am so excited! Got the Cover Art for my next book, Flag on the Play! I can’t wait to share it with you!

It is cold here in Texas. We have an ice storm on its way which means, everything will be closed tomorrow!

As much as I love Texas, I have to admit, we have the worst drivers ever. Using a turn signal around here is a sign of weakness. Cut in front of you is the only way they drive. Yikes! I thought people in New York, MA and Jersey were bad, but no! Try driving around here!!!

I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!!



Crazy weather! Went from our first freeze on Tuesday to a balmy weekend with summer like temps. What does that mean? It meant yard work. One last mow; pulling the dead annual plants and cleaning the gardens for winter. I can barely move today. Ugh. And to think I work out too! I shouldn’t be this sore. I used muscles that I never knew I had!

Also, this week, I mailed out my Christmas cards. I am known for being the first Christmas card that is received. It has become a tradition. I used to mail them the Wednesday before Thanksgiving while I lived in PA. Now in Dallas, the card to PA takes at least three days, so I try to plan it that way.

Why did I mail them out so early this year? I am not sure when my next set of edits are coming for Flag on the Play, which is why. I did my mail merge (the best thing since sliced bread!), printed out all of my labels and put them on the cards. I still write in all of my cards and sign them. I planned on doing maybe ten a day which turned into thirty and before I knew it, I was done. I went to the post office and bought the stamps and while watching the news, I stamped them all. The pile (160) sat on the counter and I said what the heck? I might as well mail them. I think maybe I’m OCD?

Flag on the Play


Congrats to my friend Barbara on her blog post milestone!  Way to go!

I am excited! Work has begun on my next book, Flag on the Play, due out 1/31/2014. It is a Romantic Comedy about the NFL, so it’s release it right before Superbowl 2/2/2014!

I had to complete the housekeeping items for a book being published; Bio, dedication, blurb and cover art questions. I have been so pleased with the artwork on my previous works, that I just can’t say enough about the artists. Tremendous! Also to the editors for their patience with me. Thank you so much!

I also went to the Texas State Fair and had a fantastic time. Granted, it turned out to be a long day but it was worth it.

Tuesday, I attended the October meeting of the Women of Flower Mound where Michaels’ staff taught us how make a wreath out of burlap and paper. I am not at all crafty even though that’s my husband’s line of business. When I make something, it looks like a two year old made it.

I think the weather here has decided to cool down. We are only at 74 degrees but that muggy factor from the Gulf is still hanging around. One of these days, it might feel like autumn

Wishing all of you a great day!

Sunny Sunday!


It finally feels like autumn in Dallas! We had a cold front move through the area yesterday where the temps dropped from 76 to 52. Actually had to use the heat last night and this morning. I guess it’s time to get those pumpkins! Somehow pumpkins and 90 degree temps don’t jive with me!

Going to the State Fair this week. I am not a fried food eater, so when I moved down here and all the buzz in the papers and news, were the fried concoctions of the State Fair; I tell you, I had my doubts. I got brave and tried some and they were actually really good. I figure one day is not going to kill me and if it does, at least I will die happy. In preparation, I have been eating lots of fish and vegetables all week so I won’t feel guilty.

I share all kinds of books with my family and friends. I love all genres and read quite a bit. My brother in law is a huge political mystery/thriller fan and has sent me Vince Flynn (rip), Brad Thor and Tom Clancy. I am all caught up to date with the exception of Tom Clancy. I have yet to read his last four. With his passing, I will begin to read them this week.

I actually met Tom Clancy at an author signing at the Berkshire Mall in Wyomissing, PA. He along with General Fred Franks Jr. signed two copies of Into the Storm for me. The General was really funny and listened to me talk about my dad’s career in the Navy. Good times. So sad to have great story tellers silenced.



I can’t believe it’s fall already! Where has the time gone? I’ve been busy doing a lot of writing along with working and running errands. Dallas FINALLY had rain on Thursday night into Friday. It was the good kind; gentle and soaking for our lawns and lakes. It’s even cool outside, in the low 60’s and only climbing to the mid 80’s. The only thing I will miss is my swimming. I try to go at least once a day, to clear my head. I tried Thursday before the rain started and let me tell you, I was out of the pool so fast, I saw stars. Maybe I’ll invest in a wet suit.

I am getting a new smart phone, but not by choice. I love the phone I’ve had since 2011. It’s like a comfortable old shoe. We get along and we speak the same language. Until recently. I only use my phone to text, check my emails and Facebook. The other day, I turned on my phone only to get the error message that I have to resign in to access my emails. I do only to get the message that my login failed. Okay….I grab my car keys and drive to the Verizon store. I am there for an hour with three employees who can’t fix the problem. They apologize and give me the tech support number they use when they can’t solve a problem.

I wait until Friday to call because of my schedule. I am on the phone with tech support for forty-five minutes until they realize that Verizon no longer supports the software of my email programs on my phone. Since I am a loyal Verizon customer I am eligible for an upgrade. I picked the iPhone 4s for FREE! because the iPhone 5 is here. Also, it’s the same one my husband has and we can share accessories. I think my next blog might be about frustrations with a learning curve of a new phone. Or maybe not. It could be something more interesting….Have a great day!