Attitude Adjustment

I am so angry with the publishing world and how it’s changed. But I achieved what I set out to do. I had 8 books published and what a wonderful roller coaster ride it’s been. I am thankful for that.

Now, publishers are falling left and right. Books are being taken off the market and let’s not forget the publishers that have stolen royalties from their unsuspecting authors. Or now you have to pay to have your books published. Sad times.

But writing has been good for me in other ways. It makes me feel alive that I can create stories that others enjoy. So they don’t get published, at least my mind is active.

And I don’t usually comment on politics but all I can say is right now, violence is not the answer. Destroying people’s hard earned businesses as they struggle to come out of the pandemic is all kinds of wrong. Make it stop and do something constructive. Become educated and register to vote.

Memorial Day

This weekend is one of reflections and remembering loved ones. Take the time to decompress from these crazy times and adjust to the new normal.

We can do this and we’re all in this together.


I feel hope for returning to my writing career. A very good friend of mine, recommended me to a group that she knows is trustworthy.

I was accepted into the group and so many authors have reached out to me telling me that they’ve had similar experiences and how to proceed. I cannot thank them enough for their help! Very much appreciated!

And the Beat Goes On

This was a good week. We’re still being very cautious going about our lives. Texas began a Phase 1 reopen on Friday. We stayed home. However, we did venture out on Saturday morning for essentials. We wore our face masks and took our Lysol wipes with us. Granted the carts had been sanitized but when you have to open the door cases in the frozen food aisle, we would use our wipes. When we got home, we emptied the trunk, washed our hands and put away the groceries.

But unfortunately, I can’t concentrate to write. With everyone at home, there’s always a conversation going on whether it be in person, friends calling and texting. I’ve spoken to neighbors while getting our mail. We keep our distances and shout across the driveways. Everyone is feeling cooped up. The hardest part is when our neighbors walk their pets, we can no longer pet the dogs. They don’t understand and stare at your with their woeful eyes and it breaks my heart.

But everyday will get better. I’m taken notes of events so eventually when I can sit down to write, I’ll have a lot of material.

I pray every day for guidance and ask for patience. I need to stop snapping at my family. Count to ten before I respond to them. I love them.

Stay safe! Stay home!

One Day at a Time

I start each week with a plan. I try to be organized, but these are strange times we are facing,

My first priority is to find a home for my books. Things do not look promising but I keep praying,

Second, is to take care of me. I find myself grinding my teeth and I’m not even conscious of it until my face hurts My stomach hurts constantly but I’m afraid to go to the doctor’s office. I do not want to catch the virus. It’s all nerves.

My husband’s job dealing with selling crafts, is always changing depending on whether craft stores are Essential or Non Essential. Seems to change day to day. Parents would love to see these stores open for them to buy kits for their children to do while they’re off. Politicians see things differently.

My daughter who had just spread her wings has had them clipped. Retail. Will her store survive?

You see, I’ve all of these stories to write but who would be interested?