Travel Nightmare


I need to vent about our weekend. Sometimes, the airlines drive me crazy!

My husband is a frequent traveler and has been this way for over 22 years. He has accrued countless air miles along with experiences which have taught him what to avoid.

We attended his high school reunion in Chicago over the weekend. We had a split flight. We flew from DFW to Kansas City, then Kansas City to Chicago.

When we arrived in Chicago, our one checked bag was not in the baggage area. We filed a report on the missing bag and went to our hotel with the instructions the bag be delivered there.

Being seasoned travelers, we knew to pack essentials in our carry on bag, so we were good for the night, but visions of running to the closest mall to pickup clothes were daunting. I am petite and have problems finding clothes, where my husband is a tall man and suffers from the same thing.

Fortunately, our luggage arrived at 7 am, the next morning and things were fine.

Coming back on Monday, THE SAME THING HAPPENED! We checked our luggage at O’Hare on Flight 1046, to arrive at Dallas at 12:50 at Terminal C. Lo and behold, our luggage was not there. The baggage CSR checked to find that our bag had been put on Flight 2312, WITHOUT OUR KNOWLEDGE and was waiting for us in Terminal A.

I don’t know if anyone is familiar with DFW airport. It’s huge. No one offered to get the bag for us. We were told to take the bus from C to A to pick up our bag. We waited for 40 minutes for a bus to come, in the 105 heat. Driver’s excuse was that there were new drivers on the shift.

Put my writing skills to a test…how to complain effectively to get the desired results.

Only good news is? I’ve come up with another story for my books…

Branson, MO


This has been a world wind of a summer so far and it’s not over yet!

Let’s see…went to a destination wedding; went to a mechanical bull riding party, had company over the 4th of July, submitted my hockey romance, The Sin Bin, (no word from the publisher whether or not they accepted it) and went to Branson, MO.

Which is why I posted my Not Just an Act, which is based in Branson. We did things we haven’t done from the last time we were there. We saw the other side of Branson which doesn’t have the shows; it’s where people really live. It is truly beautiful country with Table Rock Lake and the surrounding communities. And the boats? Whoa! I think that some of them cost more than the houses!

We had family with us and thanks to my brother in law, Dan, I now have a solid idea for my next book. The characters are really speaking to me. I need to buckle down and get busy!

Oh and the other thing? I passed driving my husband’s new car test with flying colors! Doesn’t mean I want to drive it. I’m still very attached to mine!

Back to Writing!


These last two weeks have been very hectic! First off, I went on a Disney Cruise to the Bahamas for a destination wedding. It was only four days, but they were action packed. My mistake was trying to keep up with the younger generation, even though I don’t think of myself as being old.

The week before the cruise, I spent time preparing for the trip; packing, cleaning, holding mail and the paper delivery. Oh, and what about my writing? I had to squeeze that in when I could.

When I got back, there were a deluge of appointments for repair and doctors but I did manage to finish the first draft of my upcoming book. I also made an appointment to meet with a webpage developer to help promote my books.

Back to the wedding. It was fantastic. The bride and groom saw to every detail and I have nothing but high praise for them. When we arrived at Orlando, I saw this gigantic cruise ship, with tons of kids running around and I said to myself…uh oh. Don’t get me wrong, I love kids, but it’s been a while since I’ve been around so many youngsters.

However, due to the wedding, every moment had been planned out and the ship did offer adult only areas. But I am always very aware of my surroundings and I now have lots of material for future books.

The flooding in our area of Texas has been of great magnitude but I feel blessed that our damage is minimal to what some others have experienced. It is true when they say, everything is bigger in Texas.

It feels good to be back to normal and will concentrate on the second draft of the book!

Entering the Home Stretch

SM Meet the AuthorI’m down to the last chapters of the book I’m working on. It is so frustrating because there is so much going on in my life, I really am struggling to find time to actually finish it.

We are going to be attending a wedding on a Disney Cruise which goes to the Bahamas. Very excited because we are so happy for the bride and groom in addition to going on a cruise again. It is a packed four day period and the preparation for it has so many details. I’ve tried to ignore it by burying my head in my work but I’ve been called out by my husband to get my act together. Argh!

What else has happened this week…our 28 year old patio glass table shattered into a zillion pieces. They no longer carry the model and to replace the glass costs more than what the table is worth. Way to start out the summer.

The booster pump to our pool burned out. You knew it was waiting just when the water turned warm enough for swimming.

Someone is pirating my books…

Not very considerate neighbors…

And it’s summer…everything here is under construction. It takes three times as long to get anywhere! Great planning by the engineers!

How to Handle Stress


I need to breathe deeply! My ‘to do’ list for this week is a tad overwhelming!
Why, you ask? I don’t know where to start!

I just got back from a week of vacation in beautiful Scottsdale, AZ. Besides Sedona, it is one of my most favorite cities. We have relatives who live in the Phoenix area and decided to delay our Thanksgiving dinner to spend it with them. We drove there and back with a stop over in El Paso, TX. Funny how you can drive for twelve hours and be in the same state…but there I digress.

We decided to take our daughter’s car, a 2006 Mazda 3. It only has 28,000 miles on it and it is really in good shape. The week before we left, I took it to NTB (National Tires and Batteries) to have the tires rotated and an alignment. While performing that service, the workers discovered the power steering cable was leaking and needed to be replaced. However, they needed to order the part from a Mazda dealer and I said sure. Not a problem…even though two years ago, you, not Mazda, replaced it.  I was told NTB only guarantees their work for 90 days.

Before we left, our Aunt who refuses to buy an eReader and is a huge reader, has always wanted to read my books. But since they are eBooks only, she cannot access them. For a thanks for making the Thanksgiving dinner, I took the time to print out my latest two books for her to read. What happens? My 14th month old printer decides to bite the dust. I did get a two year service plan with it, but I don’t have time to replace it. Put that on my list to do when I get home!

We finally begin our vacation and get to El Paso. In the morning while we filled up with gas, we backed up and turned the wheel to the left. This god awful noise from the front tire sounded. We had just driven over 500 miles and felt or heard nothing. What was it? Couldn’t figure it out, so we trooped on.

When we arrived in Scottsdale, while the car was in reverse, the noise sounded again. I called NTB back here in TX only to learn there is no NTB in AZ. They call it Big O Tire. The manager wasn’t sure that our information would be in Big O Tire’s database. No, it wasn’t. We figured since the car didn’t make the noise while driving and the car handled well, we were safe.

We took a day trip to Sedona only for a truck to pass us and kick up a pebble which hit and cracked our windshield. The poor car!

By the time we got home last night, the noise began to sound while driving. That is my first stop for the day. Followed by the printer exchange, grocery shopping and laundry.

Monday, followed by when the pool was serviced last week, why is the Polaris detached and is sitting on the pool deck with no note or message on my answering machine?

Followed up by visiting our State Farm agent for a window replacement claim and settling our Obamacare Health Insurance plan.

Then on Tuesday, a visit to my cardiologist for my SVT and then the Women of Flower Mound monthly meeting.

Oh, did I mention I’m hosting a progressive dinner party on Saturday night with about 40 guests?

Breathe, Lois. Just breathe!