I Need to Write a Sitcom About My Life

I am so ready for a vacation, it’s not even funny. As a matter of fact, one of my friends has plans to visit Bora Bora, but not a cruise.

I’ve written the third end to story number 2. Let’s see what my muse has to say.

But life is never dull, I swear! My husband had is physical. He’s lost over 30 pounds, but his sugar count is really high. Time for new test strips. The doctor’s office called it in and we went to pick them up. Strips don’t work with the old machine. Called the doctor’s office again and they placed an order for a new machine. Go pick up the machine and the new test strips didn’t work with the machine. You’d think that the pharmacy would have checked the patient’s history saying that Type A strips were just prescribed and now the patient needs a new machine. Gee, why don’t we give him the machine that match the strips? Nope. An hour later, we got it figured out and paid for my insurance.

This morning? I go to turn on my Keurig and it doesn’t work. It is about 4 years old and I heard that they don’t have a long life. My daughter works at Kohl’s, so I followed her into work, used her discount and got a new Keurig. Brought it home and my husband assembled it. Plugged it in and it still doesn’t work. Um, maybe we should’ve checked the Fuse Box? Yup! We blew a fuse. Old one works fine. Now trying to get the new one back in the box so I can take it back. Sigh!

Happy Reading!

The Story That Just Won’t End!

So frustrated. Really having a hard time with ending the second story of my Billionaire story. It seems like I’ve abandoned the couple and have left them high and dry to move on to the next story in the series. I need my muses and characters to rethink their strategy.

Still no husky in sight. I need to speak with a reputable vet who knows of a good breeder. The rescue dogs I’ve met have so many issues that I don’t even have a clue how to fix.

My husband is feeling better with his cough/cold. You know how men do not do well when they’re sick.

Meeting new neighbors as our under construction neighborhood becomes more complete. The construction phase has worn thin. Tired of the cement trucks and food trucks barreling down the street at top speed. Then they come to a screeching halt only to park in front of your driveway so you can’t get out. It’s as if you don’t exit to them.

At least the weather will be nice until Tuesday! 70’s? I guess I’m still a Mid West gal at heart (Illinois) and love being at 70 in  February!!!

Happy Reading!


How to end my second book in the Billionaire series. Goodness, this has become an ordeal. Still not satisfied with it.

Then on top of it, I read a book this week by a famous author and it was very complex situation and characters. But when she ended it, it was like she left so many things out. Is there a sequel? No epilogue, no nothing. My editor would’ve had a field day with it. Sigh.

Back to the drawing board.

Still no puppy.

Husband was sick this week.

Daughter leaves for work today by herself in her new used car. I’m a nervous person at the moment.

Ground Hog Day

One of my favorite movies! And Phil didn’t see his shadow! And it’s Super Bowl day!

Back to realty. Writing. My muse does not like the ending of my the second book in my series. Here I started the next book because the characters were really talking to me. The muse is right. I hate when that happens. So, back to work and rewriting. Sigh.

The car has been purchased. Do not mess with Lois.  The salesman at the Plano, TX dealership did not want the vehicle transferred to the one in Denton. He lied to me, trying to coerce me to stick with him. Even though the motto of the United States dealership promotes that you can buy your car while sitting at home and have it delivered to your home, this man was dead set against it.

I called the Customer Service at their headquarters and after a thirty minute phone call, the vehicle was transferred in one day, to the dealership close to my home. Test drove it the next evening and bought it. Turns out the Plano dealership works on commission while this smaller one does not. Lesson learned.

But my motto is: Be careful. Everyone wants your money for nothing.

Weekly Update!

My week has been hectic once again. Never a dull moment, that’s for sure.

Writing – My first muse is still editing my second billionaire book. Still undecided about a title; hero is too controlling, loves the heroine, doesn’t like the ending. Parts of me agree, but aren’t billionaires controlling as it is?

Started the third series and am anxious since the characters are talking to me.

Accident Car saga – The insurance adjuster said the vehicle was in excellent shape but because it’s over 10 years old, they totaled it. They gave us an unexpected check for it. And on top of that, they asked for the repair bills which I was able to provide for them. We replaced major organs in that car this year and when reviewed, we got additional money. Now, we have the incentive to look at preowned cars.

Texans are the nicest people ever, who go out of their way to help you. But, they are the worst drivers. I’ve lived in four states and driven through 49 of them. And I’ve even driven in Canada and Mexico.  My point is that it doesn’t pay to buy a new car here in Texas. It will get dinged, rear ended and you name it.

We’ve test driven one car on our list so far. It’s a 2012 model and feels exactly like the 2006 model we had. Kind of like your favorite pair of old shoes. We made an appointment to test drive a 2016 in Plano (66 miles from our house) only to learn that it had been pulled from the schedule minutes after we arrived at the dealership. They found something wrong with it. Needless to say, it was a wasted trip. We will reschedule it but asked that the dealer send the fixed car to the dealership in a city that’s closer to us. We are not fans of the George Bush Turnpike at 5 pm on a Friday night…

Schedules and routines are being accommodated. It’s hard when you’re used to having a car of your own and now you have to share. But we’re coping with seeing more of each other than we used to!

Texas Husky Rescue – still no match 🙁

Happy Reading!

Still Running Ragged

Image of a Siberian Huskie

I want one!

Life is still pretty hectic around here, but progress has been made.

I texted with a member of the Texas Husky Rescue and arranged a meet with a potential dog, Meatball. His picture was engaging and his story was sad. He was turned over to the Rescue league because he’d been shot in the back by a rifle. He’d been healing well and the medical staff said he was the sweetest husky they’ve worked with.  Earlier in the week, she texted that Meatball was about four years old and I was fine with that.

The evening before the meet, I got an urgent text from the member saying that Meatball’s handlers said he was mouthy; he bites/nips to get your attention and he’s a chewer. Flag! Would I still want to meet him? I thought long and hard about it. How do you discipline a dog that’s been abused for four years? My neighborhood is filled with young children who would think nothing of running up without fear to play with the dog. Suppose he nipped/bit them? I had to say no. With my previous two huskies, granted they had different personalities but I had raised them from puppies and stopped bad habits. Sigh.

On the other note of the car accident, I’ve been dealing with the insurance company and the bruised ego of my daughter. She’s been driving accident free for 14 years and she needs to get behind the wheel of the car rather quickly. Even though her car was 14 years old, it was in excellent condition. We got more money for it than we thought we would. The agent even commented that it was in top notch condition. But because it’s over 10 years old, they still had to total it. They will take it apart piece by piece and salvage and sell all the pieces. They will make a mint. Now we move on to looking at preowned cars.

The writing has resumed! I made progress to my second Billionaire story. Changed a few things that were awkward and am ready to send it to my muse for her opinion. I even started the third story outline. The characters are talking to me again. What a relief!

I want to be productive again and I will be!