Holiday Weekends and Family

Labor Day weekend! Woo hoo! Doing things around the house while I have time between writing. My sister and her husband from Illinois, are coming for a four day visit next week. I haven’t seen them in over 8 years.

My sister has lost a tremendous amount of weight and I’m so proud of her. Eighty pounds in a two year period. She said she feels so much better and feels more energetic. I love to work out and walk, so I’m anxious to show her the walking trails around here.

But another good thing about their visit, things are getting done around the house. You know those chores you keep putting off? Windows cleaned, touch up paint jobs, lawn work, gardens weeded.

After our trip to Canada and meeting my family’s new dogs, I’m hunkering down to search for one for our family. My husband is against it because he doesn’t want to go through the ordeal of putting one down again. But meeting those two dogs and petting them, lowered his blood pressure and we need more of it. I thought of appeasing him by suggesting we name him, Ernie Banks. (My husband is a die-hard Cub’s fan!) Good idea?

Happy Easter!


1WhenTheRunwayWentSouthHappy Easter! I know my family is scattered all over the world but I know they are with me in spirit! We are taking a day to reflect on the good things in life and thankful for what we have.

I’m wishing all of you a time of peace and love.

Memorial Day vs Finishing Writing


Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Thanks to all who have served our country.
We have had quite the weather pattern here in North Texas. It has rained almost every single day for three weeks. We are water logged! This rain is of gigantic proportions. I know other places are even worse than us, but still! This morning, our pool was under six inches of water. I had to backwash it and since I’m the only one who knows how to do this in this household, just let me tell you. Family members got a lesson this morning. Oh? The mosquitos are terrible out there too!

Back to the book. I really didn’t get to spend the time I wanted to and am really frustrated. I wish I could just lock myself away in a room for hours on end, but that’s a fantasy, right? I love my life, don’t get me wrong, but there is always something which comes up and I have to set my writing aside. Darn!

Putting a book together takes a great deal of concentration and effort. As an author, you strive to give it all you’ve got. Unfortunately, I’m a perfectionist. I keep changing things around, knowing it could be better. This is what I’m trying to achieve with this next story.

I read a really good book while running errands. (Could you tell there was an auto repair in my days?) The Next Best Thing by Jennifer Weiner. Highly recommend this for aspiring authors who get frustrated when people change your story. Very good!

When it’s done, I hope all y’all will like it!

Happy Easter!


Happy Easter!

Golf season is heating up!! I watched the ladies play yesterday and want to thank them for the inspiration for this book!


Black Friday!


I just want to thank all of my friends for the support and advertisement for my latest book! You are awesome!

So, it is Black Friday weekend coming to a close….I didn’t even venture out. I detest crowds since I’m only five feet tall. I have a tendency to get lost in them and sometimes trampled. I really don’t need anything desperately to endure the long lines and pushy people.

Now I’m getting attacked in my email account for Cyber Monday! I had 82 emails this morning, all from retailers hawking their goods. I got excited at first when I read the count but once I opened the box, well….let me tell you.

I hope you all had a great holiday and I wish you a happy prosperous week ahead!

Memorial Day


Memorial Day is one of my favorite holidays. First off, I salute all the troops for fighting for our country and freedom. My father was a LT. Commander in the Navy and fought bravely in The Battle of Leyte Gulf. His ship was bombed and he was able to get his crew out to safety. If not, I wouldn’t be here today. I love you and miss you, Dad!

Second of all, its the start of summer! After a long cold winter, I look forward to the days of summer. Of course, I try not to think of the Texas 100 plus degrees that will soon come.

It’s a three day weekend and fortunately, we have been blessed with friends who have invited us to pool parties and BBQ’s. We have been emailing or messaging on Facebook most of the winter, so it’s good to see them in person.

It’s also time for my brain to take a breather from my writing. On Thursday and Friday, my characters in my current book are not talking to me. Friday, I just sat and stared at a blank page with my hands poised over the keyboard. Nothing! You know what it is? I think they started the holiday early and didn’t tell me about it! They better come back to work on Tuesday or there will be some words!