Fall is in the air!


I’m in seventh heaven with the start of the NFL! Of course this means I have no Sundays to myself but that’s okay. Or Monday nights either. We live in the Dallas area but are Chicago Bears fans. It’s hard to stay home and watch the games because they are rarely televised on the local Dallas channels. When we moved down here from the Pennsylvania area, we did our research for a local watering hole that displaced Bears fans like us can visit. We’ve met some really nice people and made good friends. So, lo and behold, the first game of the season was on local television. We invited a group of the fans to our house and had a wonderful time.

We know now how to take team loyalty in stride. On the East Coast, you have the NY Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Washington Redskins.

In Dallas, you have the Cowboys, New Orleans Saints and the Houston Texans. I have to say though, the Dallas Morning News does have excellent coverage of their games. They really know their football down here. I think they must teach it to everyone in elementary school, you think?

The funny thing about having lived in various parts of the states, is how attached to the local foods you become. Living in Chicago, it’s the pizza and the Chicago style dog. In Pennsylvania, it’s the Philly Cheese Steak and the pretzels. Now in Dallas, it’s going to the State Fair and sampling all of the fried food specials. I normally don’t eat fried food, but for one day, why not?

Experiencing new things is what life is about!