Another Setback



LoisKaszniaI’m sorry to announce my manuscript, The Sin Bin, has been rejected by the second publisher.  The first editor rejected it because it wasn’t Erotic or Amish genre. This publisher loved the concept but there were writing errors.

The editor gave me very good advice to correct the bad habits I’ve fallen into.

I have a tendency to tell rather than show situations. I also have used too many adverbs which made the manuscript way too long. Anything over 100,000 words is a flag to an editor that it’s been over written.

I admit I felt crushed at first but then I felt a ray of hope. I sat down and opened up the document. Using the examples the editor had pointed out to me, I began my corrections, a paragraph at a time. Is there a more descriptive way to write this in less words? Do I really need that adverb?

It’s a long tedious process, but I am determined to complete it and hopefully resubmit it.

This happened with my first book, When the Runway Went South. LazyDay told me what was wrong and I rewrote it and it was accepted. I hope this editor will do the same!

I’ve put my other two books aside for the moment so I can correct this one.

Things happen for a reason, I’m positive. Due to my broken ankle, I have time to sit down and complete this project.

Sequel to When the Runway Went South





1WhenTheRunwayWentSouth_SliderImgThis week of my life reverts back to this book. What else can go wrong with things in our house? I’m afraid to ask. My husbands wants to stick a “For Sale” sign in the front yard and use the clause, ‘as is’.

I ask myself if we are the only other home owners who have problems?

So far this year, money wise, has been the pool. I love my pool, but what a money pit! New pump, new O-rings, the Polaris gone wild, you name it. And that’s just the motors! The surface needs to be redone and the pool’s interior needs fixing.

Stopped up sinks to the tune of $250. Ouch!

Landscaping – previous owners planted trees outside our bedroom windows for privacy and noise reduction because this room does face the street. Guess what? One half of it’s dying and we pay for grass, tree and shrub treatment.

Our rose bushes of six years have caught a disease and they’re all dying.

Our fence sorely needs to be replaced.

The ceiling in the master bath over the window needs to be fixed from some water damage from the ‘historic’ rain fall we experienced this spring.

And just when I thought that was it, the garage door is not working.

Dealing with service men here in Texas is a nightmare. Not only do they cost and arm and a leg, they’re always trying to sell you service contracts. Yes, they advertise coupons for $50 off repair services but then turn around and charge you a fortune for the service call.

My week ahead, as I’m trying to write my next book, is dealing with all of this.. ugh!

Maybe I will have a sequel to When the Runway Went South!

Keeping Busy




Busy working on my next book. Watching lots of Funny Car qualifying and eliminations. I’m hooked!

Still no word about The Sin Bin, my romantic comedy about hockey. Waiting is so hard.

Yay! School starts tomorrow. The library will be quiet again!

Stay True to Yourself




August has not been kind to me, but I’m tough, right?

I went to an all girls’ Catholic High School and a Catholic Junior College before I went on to get my masters degree in Music Education. My grades were not really that good, but I plugged away. I will tell you why. The nuns that I had as teachers were the best at helping you reach your potential. Yes, they were tough and I got angry at them when I felt they pushed me too hard but at the end? It was worth it. My piano teacher, my vocal instructor and the principal were behind me 100%!

One of my hardest subjects was Journalism. I remember my teacher’s name. Sister Victorine. She would give me C’s on my papers. We had to write about a variety of subjects. I wrote to get good grades. Finally, she told me the secret. Stay true to yourself. When I discovered my voice, my grades improved dramatically.

I had to make a very hard decision this week and it had to be one of the hardest things I had to do, but it wouldn’t be me.  Thank you, Sister V!

Time Tables vs Life


I am jealous about the Romantic Times convention being held here in Dallas. I didn’t know about it until it was too late and I missed the registration. I will keep my eyes peeled for next year. I would’ve loved to meet the authors who attended since they all have inspired me in my career. Next time.

I am working on my next book and am close to ending the story. My process is; I write freely until my back hurts and I need to stop. I then review what I’ve wrote; make changes and then come up with an ending. I then review my changes and if it’s flat. I rework scenes or sometimes during the middle of the night, I come up with something that would benefit this story. When I’m satisfied with it, I will submit it to my editor. However, with this story, I’m struggling for a title. All of my others, it was the title came first and then the story.

I feel that I’m a very organized person. I give myself a time table of when I want things done, especially with my writing. The problem is that life doesn’t always go along with my time table. Surgeries, car problems, weather (losing electricity) and little things like that seem to disrupt, but the upside is I have more experiences to write about!

And have I mentioned the floods in Texas this year? Yikes! I need an ark!

Meet The Author


I did it! I had my first book signing of my life and I survived. Okay, I’m exaggerating a little. It was a Meet the Authors night at a local wine shop trying to support the town’s authors. I liked it because it was small and intimate. There was free wine plus appetizers provided by a chef, who too, is trying to promote his cookbook.

My friends and neighbors were there as well to lend me support. I don’t think I sold many books, but it was the exposure and experience that counted. I have spoken with our local Barnes and Noble and they said they too, support local authors. The lady I was to talk to had called in sick that day, so I will return on Wednesday to set up a time.

The other nice experience was to meet other authors and discuss our publishers and the editing process. It felt good to know my experiences were similar to theirs. We all agreed about reviews; a necessary evil. It still hurts when someone says something very unkind. I know I’ve had my share. One of the authors, whose genre is Science Fiction/Fantasy, said she had someone say to her…”Horrible plot and storyline. You need new drugs.” But, what are you going to do? You need to have some pretty thick skin in this line of work!

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