Memorial Day

This weekend is one of reflections and remembering loved ones. Take the time to decompress from these crazy times and adjust to the new normal. We can do this and we're all in this together.

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I feel hope for returning to my writing career. A very good friend of mine, recommended me to a group that she knows is trustworthy. I was accepted into the group and so many authors have reached out to me telling me that they've had similar experiences and how to...

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And the Beat Goes On

This was a good week. We're still being very cautious going about our lives. Texas began a Phase 1 reopen on Friday. We stayed home. However, we did venture out on Saturday morning for essentials. We wore our face masks and took our Lysol wipes with us. Granted the...

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One Day at a Time

I start each week with a plan. I try to be organized, but these are strange times we are facing, My first priority is to find a home for my books. Things do not look promising but I keep praying, Second, is to take care of me. I find myself grinding my teeth and I'm...

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We’re All In This Together

I'm a little distracted these days, so unfortunately my writing has come second. However, I'm taking notes because I'm experiencing so many stories that I can use I'm scared. I don't want to be sick. My family has taken big steps in social distancing, wearing face...

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