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Lois has always loved to read . . .

Lois Kasznia has always loved to read, winning many summer reading contests held by the local library. However, her career took her to pursue her love of music and she graduated with her Masters in Music Education from the University of Illinois.

Then life took another turn and the next career came with her passion for computer programming. In a way, it is very similar to writing a manuscript; a program to do what the user wanted. The natural step from a programmer to a designer came gradually. This job involved a great deal of travel and once again what else is there to do at an airport or airplane? Read.

That is when she discovered romance novels were a lot more interesting than functional specifications used for programming and finally took a stab at writing her first novel and it’s sequel. Unfortunately, the number of rejects put a damper on that project and put writing aside. Ten years later with six books under her belt, she can see why!

When Lois and her family moved to the Dallas area, she and her husband unknowingly bought a money pit. She tracked everything that had gone wrong with the house in an Excel spreadsheet, crying the entire time. A year later, it seemed kind of funny and using the spreadsheet, When the Runway Went South, was born. The words seem to flow on their own and when finished, she submitted it to Lazy Day Publishing. They returned her request by saying if she would correct some major flaws, they would reconsider it.

Pleased that someone had taken the time to help her, Lois took a refresher course on writing and rewrote the manuscript. It was accepted! Since then, she has released Play for Me, Flag on the Play, Not Just and Act, For the Love of Par and Intercepted.

While not writing, Lois enjoys traveling and listening to people’s real life stories where she gets a lot of material for her next work. She loves animals and has had two Siberian Huskies who both lived long lives with lots of fond memories. Hopefully, there will be a third Siberian Husky to join her family in the near future.

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Lois, what inspires you to write?
“I just write. I am an avid reader and sometimes I’ll say to myself. You know? I think the plot should go this way and then I’m writing another manuscript.”

“Inspiration is all around me, encouraging me to continue moving forward with my own ideas.”