I am trying to write, but outside influences have distracted me. All of this construction in my neighborhood is starting to wear on me.

We downsized. The community is composed of all sorts of people. We have young couples, people who have upgraded and people who like us, have downsized. The houses are smaller in our area but there are million dollar homes as well. The problem? We’re too close together. Parking out front is at a premium.

The workers doing the construction see no problem in blocking your driveway so you can’t get out. Or they stop in the middle of the street to talk to each other while their vehicles block the road. And let’s not forget the food trucks that beep their horn to let the workers know they’re here AND stop in front of your driveway.

Yesterday, a truck carrying a Bobcat parked in front of our driveway. Not only that, they left two mounds of mud in front of my driveway. I thought for sure they would sweep up but they didn’t. They just pulled away. These workers are not related to the construction; they have been hired by homeowners to install pools. I guess they think they’re above the law of courtesy. I tried to remove the dirt but it was mud. So now when I back out of my driveway with my clean car, I have to drive through mud.

Do you think it rude of me to contact the pool company to complain?