It’s been over 18 months since we’ve taken a vacation. We’ve had lots of ups and downs in our lives these last 20 months. But we went. We flew from Dallas to Madison, WI to visit our friend’s cabin in a remote part of WI which is mainly Amish. It was beautiful and relaxing. I didn’t want to come home.

But we did. Now, my husband is sick with something, but not sure what. We spoke with the PCP’s nurse on Friday where they mainly asked COVID 19 questions. The only symptoms he had was tiredness and his elbows hurt. He didn’t have any other symptoms. He just feels cold and clammy. He’s running a fever of 101 that goes away quickly when he takes Motrin. Finally, he’ll see the doctor on Tuesday.

But the vacation inspired my desire to keep writing. You know? If it gets published, great! If not? Oh well!

I pray for all of us authors out there that we get our due.