I am so angry with the publishing world and how it’s changed. But I achieved what I set out to do. I had 8 books published and what a wonderful roller coaster ride it’s been. I am thankful for that.

Now, publishers are falling left and right. Books are being taken off the market and let’s not forget the publishers that have stolen royalties from their unsuspecting authors. Or now you have to pay to have your books published. Sad times.

But writing has been good for me in other ways. It makes me feel alive that I can create stories that others enjoy. So they don’t get published, at least my mind is active.

And I don’t usually comment on politics but all I can say is right now, violence is not the answer. Destroying people’s hard earned businesses as they struggle to come out of the pandemic is all kinds of wrong. Make it stop and do something constructive. Become educated and register to vote.