I start each week with a plan. I try to be organized, but these are strange times we are facing,

My first priority is to find a home for my books. Things do not look promising but I keep praying,

Second, is to take care of me. I find myself grinding my teeth and I’m not even conscious of it until my face hurts My stomach hurts constantly but I’m afraid to go to the doctor’s office. I do not want to catch the virus. It’s all nerves.

My husband’s job dealing with selling crafts, is always changing depending on whether craft stores are Essential or Non Essential. Seems to change day to day. Parents would love to see these stores open for them to buy kits for their children to do while they’re off. Politicians see things differently.

My daughter who had just spread her wings has had them clipped. Retail. Will her store survive?

You see, I’ve all of these stories to write but who would be interested?