Crazy times. I don’t know about you, but my household is always a sea of activity. My husband works from home. The company he works for is the Craft Industry. There has been a misunderstanding in the decree of what is essential and non essential. First, the stores are open because they can supply teaching supplies to the parents as they begin their home schooling. They also sell merchandise to make masks. One state says to close the stores doors; they’re non essential. Other states say they are essential. Since my husband’s and my offices are close to each other, I can hear the one side of the conference calls. Me, being nosy as usual, have a tendency to listen and then be the sounding board.

Also due to the virus, my daughter has lost her job. Trying to get through to the overwhelmed and taxed unemployment system has been a joke. Busy signals, crashing website has done nothing but create more aggravation. Once again, I’m the sounding board. (I worked in IT and have been laid off more times than I care to count! We always used to call it, on the bench). I try to give her tips based on my experience.

This has taken a toll on my writing. And I was on a roll. But in retrospect, perhaps it’s been time for me to take a break. I need to reorganize my priorities and learn how to successfully self publish.

We can get through these tough times. Think positive!