It’s hard to stay motivated with writing. I’m comparing it to being a famous actor on a long running television show and then you’re told, your gig is up. Show is over. Now it comes time to reinvent yourself.

The more I look into self publishing, it really doesn’t pay. How does one make a living out of writing anymore? The sad thing is that I have so many books in progress.

Other news besides the obvious virus scare, we’ve had crazy weather here in Texas. On Thursday, we had three inches of rain in less than an hour. Because we live in a new subdivision still under construction, mud is everywhere. Houses and yards are unfinished and when it rains like that, the lots behind us and next to us that are not finished, flows into our yard making it a mess. One of our neighbors had a pool installed and their pool was a mud pit due to the poor drainage. They obviously filed a law suit, because the mayor of our city knocked on everyone’s door and told us to send photos to the sales department and cc him on the photos. Everyone’s yard needs to be regraded with proper drains installed.

The streets were so bad, building supplies such as bricks and two by fours with nails, were floating in the streets. People reported the streets as impassible and three reported flat tires from the debris. And even more rain is predicted for the next ten days!

Welcome to spring in Texas!