I am so ready for a vacation, it’s not even funny. As a matter of fact, one of my friends has plans to visit Bora Bora, but not a cruise.

I’ve written the third end to story number 2. Let’s see what my muse has to say.

But life is never dull, I swear! My husband had is physical. He’s lost over 30 pounds, but his sugar count is really high. Time for new test strips. The doctor’s office called it in and we went to pick them up. Strips don’t work with the old machine. Called the doctor’s office again and they placed an order for a new machine. Go pick up the machine and the new test strips didn’t work with the machine. You’d think that the pharmacy would have checked the patient’s history saying that Type A strips were just prescribed and now the patient needs a new machine. Gee, why don’t we give him the machine that match the strips? Nope. An hour later, we got it figured out and paid for my insurance.

This morning? I go to turn on my Keurig and it doesn’t work. It is about 4 years old and I heard that they don’t have a long life. My daughter works at Kohl’s, so I followed her into work, used her discount and got a new Keurig. Brought it home and my husband assembled it. Plugged it in and it still doesn’t work. Um, maybe we should’ve checked the Fuse Box? Yup! We blew a fuse. Old one works fine. Now trying to get the new one back in the box so I can take it back. Sigh!

Happy Reading!