So frustrated. Really having a hard time with ending the second story of my Billionaire story. It seems like I’ve abandoned the couple and have left them high and dry to move on to the next story in the series. I need my muses and characters to rethink their strategy.

Still no husky in sight. I need to speak with a reputable vet who knows of a good breeder. The rescue dogs I’ve met have so many issues that I don’t even have a clue how to fix.

My husband is feeling better with his cough/cold. You know how men do not do well when they’re sick.

Meeting new neighbors as our under construction neighborhood becomes more complete. The construction phase has worn thin. Tired of the cement trucks and food trucks barreling down the street at top speed. Then they come to a screeching halt only to park in front of your driveway so you can’t get out. It’s as if you don’t exit to them.

At least the weather will be nice until Tuesday! 70’s? I guess I’m still a Mid West gal at heart (Illinois) and love being at 70 in  February!!!

Happy Reading!