One of my favorite movies! And Phil didn’t see his shadow! And it’s Super Bowl day!

Back to realty. Writing. My muse does not like the ending of my the second book in my series. Here I started the next book because the characters were really talking to me. The muse is right. I hate when that happens. So, back to work and rewriting. Sigh.

The car has been purchased. Do not mess with Lois.  The salesman at the Plano, TX dealership did not want the vehicle transferred to the one in Denton. He lied to me, trying to coerce me to stick with him. Even though the motto of the United States dealership promotes that you can buy your car while sitting at home and have it delivered to your home, this man was dead set against it.

I called the Customer Service at their headquarters and after a thirty minute phone call, the vehicle was transferred in one day, to the dealership close to my home. Test drove it the next evening and bought it. Turns out the Plano dealership works on commission while this smaller one does not. Lesson learned.

But my motto is: Be careful. Everyone wants your money for nothing.