Image of a Siberian Huskie

I want one!

Life is still pretty hectic around here, but progress has been made.

I texted with a member of the Texas Husky Rescue and arranged a meet with a potential dog, Meatball. His picture was engaging and his story was sad. He was turned over to the Rescue league because he’d been shot in the back by a rifle. He’d been healing well and the medical staff said he was the sweetest husky they’ve worked with.  Earlier in the week, she texted that Meatball was about four years old and I was fine with that.

The evening before the meet, I got an urgent text from the member saying that Meatball’s handlers said he was mouthy; he bites/nips to get your attention and he’s a chewer. Flag! Would I still want to meet him? I thought long and hard about it. How do you discipline a dog that’s been abused for four years? My neighborhood is filled with young children who would think nothing of running up without fear to play with the dog. Suppose he nipped/bit them? I had to say no. With my previous two huskies, granted they had different personalities but I had raised them from puppies and stopped bad habits. Sigh.

On the other note of the car accident, I’ve been dealing with the insurance company and the bruised ego of my daughter. She’s been driving accident free for 14 years and she needs to get behind the wheel of the car rather quickly. Even though her car was 14 years old, it was in excellent condition. We got more money for it than we thought we would. The agent even commented that it was in top notch condition. But because it’s over 10 years old, they still had to total it. They will take it apart piece by piece and salvage and sell all the pieces. They will make a mint. Now we move on to looking at preowned cars.

The writing has resumed! I made progress to my second Billionaire story. Changed a few things that were awkward and am ready to send it to my muse for her opinion. I even started the third story outline. The characters are talking to me again. What a relief!

I want to be productive again and I will be!