I have so many ideas to write stories, that I need to find the time to organize my thoughts. That’s why I like blogging!

My husband is adjusting working from home. I didn’t realize I had been roped in to help him. He had a huge presentation on Thursday but the Booklet he needed from Pennsylvania didn’t come in time. Lois? Do you have an extra thumb drive? Yes. Helped him download the presentation and ran it to FedEx to make 18 copies of the presentation. The product arrived Wednesday night so he was all ready to go. Um…where do I get paid?

Second of all, we’re back to the Siberian Husky issue. I received an email from my contact and said there were two new dogs added to the list. Would I meet and greet them in Coppell on Saturday morning? I looked at Gumbo and Meatball and fell in love.

I took my daughter with me and saw Gumbo. We petted and I thought we connected until protective Foster Mama told me that he would not be a good fit into our household. Yes, he’s two and a half years old, house broken and crate trained, but he’s a pack animal and needs more than one dog to play with. At her house, she has 6 dogs and they amuse each other so he’s well behaved. The reason he’s back up for adoption. And they had the nerve to say that he was sad no one would adopt him. Really?