Meatloaf was a no show.

Got home from there and my daughter changed clothes and left for work. Not even five minutes later, I got an hysterical call that she’s been in an accident. It was right around the corner where she has to make a left hand turn across 6 lanes of traffic to head East. While she was in the middle of the intersection, a car heading East couldn’t stop in time and plowed right into her. She has a Mazda 3, the car that hit her was an Acura SUV. She’s okay but it appears that the car is totaled.

I called the insurance towing service and they asked where I wanted it towed. Um, to a place that is certified by Farmers? She finally found one close by and they came and got the car. Police showed up, wrote the accident report. Went home where my daughter filed a claim via telephone now that she had the police report.

In the meantime, the tow truck driver called and said the place refused to take the car. Where do I want the car? Well right now it’s sitting in front of my house. Do you know how depressing it is to look at something you wanted to forget all about? Not very happy with Farmers at the moment.