This week turned out to be pretty decent. I was able to finish my second book in my series. Now, I want to reread what I’ve written and make edits. As soon as I’m done with that, I will hand it to my muse to look over it for suggestions. Then I want to submit it to my editor and see what she wants. I have the first and second books to give to her.

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there is all sorts of drama with the Romance Writers Association. For those of you who are not authors, I’m not sure. But to my friends who are authors, it’s quite devastating. All I can say, is that they had my back when I needed them. Their intentions are good, but the policies need to be updated.

Other than that, life is pretty hectic around here. It seems we’re always doing things. I would love a day to just sit there and do nothing. But then again, that’s not my nature. I’m hyper.

Do people really read the letter with your Christmas card? I found out that they don’t. I usually don’t send one out but because I moved and have a new address, I included that note in my Christmas cards. Let’s just say that the people who bought our house are getting a lot of Christmas cards for Lois!!