Image of a Siberian Huskie

I want one!

This last week has flown by and when I realized that I had written the end of my Billionaire story, I was amazed. I’m letting it sit while preparing for the third story in this series.

I don’t know about you, but I always get sentimental around the Christmas season. I miss all my family that has left us. At dinner time, we recall those good memories and sometimes the bad but that’s what makes a well rounded life.

Did crazy things happen this week? Of course they did. My husband’s car is not fixed. Discount Tire didn’t realize when they ordered the new rims for his tires that the brake pads on the front tire are bigger than the back brake pads. Have to order new ones.  Another week will pass until they come because of the Christmas holidays.

I had another issue with our newspaper carrier. I ended up speaking with her boss and I think we have the problem ironed out. Our area that we moved to, is growing by leaps and bounds. Two years ago, they had only one paper carrier and are now at three. Looks like a fourth will be added. Even though the carrier drives over 100 miles a day and I’m last on her route, she can’t make the 6:30 am deadline. The boss rearranged her schedule and is training the fourth so our paper arrived on time, Both my husband are creatures of habit and like to read the newspaper and do the puzzles all before we start our workday. To have the paper delivered at 7:30 or later is way too late since we are up at six to start our day.

Celebrated a wedding anniversary and were surprised when our friends bought us a dinner. Thank you! You’re the best.

The Siberian Husky drama continues. Hadley, is now available for adoption. The problem is that Hadley is more Malamute than Husky and weighs over 100 pounds. He’s a BIG dog. I only weigh 105 pounds. The dog is too big for me and my house. I can handle a sixty or eighty pound dog, but not a big puppy like that who still had room to grown. Back to the drawing board. One day, I’ll get my Husky!