I wanted to have a productive week but alas, it was not to be. The car saga continues. There are three cars at this house. Mine is the oldest, a 2002 with only 63,000 miles on it. The next is my daughter’s. A 2006 with only 48,000 on it. Lastly, is my husband’s which is his baby. A 2009 sports car with 98,000 on it.

Let me explain even further. The repair shop we take our cars to, is a hidden gem. They have been great to us for the ten years we’ve used them and they’re like part of our family. However, they’re in Lewisville, TX which was only about 10 minutes from our old house. Now the drive is about 30 – 40 minutes, passing a very busy mall with lots of traffic.

I don’t know if it’s because of us (I doubt it but where we live is supposed to be having a huge growth spurt) the repair shop decided to open a second location,  only a mile from our new house. As I mentioned previously, they couldn’t accept cars until their official open date of 12/16 due to insurance purposes. Argh!

My husband’s car had a nail in the tire and they fixed it free of charge. No problem! He had to fly to NYC last week and he left his car parked at the airport. When he got home, the tire was down 14 pounds. We made a trip to Lewisville and it was decided that the chrome wheels are starting to age and are no longer holding the tire as they should and air is leaking. We made a decision to replace all the rims with something more substantial. The rims will come in Thursday. In the meantime, pumping quarters into the air machines!

Driving back in my daughter’s car, the engine light goes on. Put oil in the car and checked the gas cap but the light is still on. Friday, I took the car into Lewisville and was told I needed a new thermostat housing unit. They fixed it and I had to take my daughter to work in MY car. What happens? I get a warning light on my dashboard indicating that my four tires are not touching the ground, I’m skidding. I can’t go faster than 50 MPH without this happening. ????

When her car was done, I had my husband to drive his car to pick up her car to drop off at her work so she could drive home. That’s a total of 6 trips to Lewisville in four days.

The more I thought about it, I rarely drive my car (low mileage) so could it be that I have a flat as well? New construction, nail in the tire? So on Saturday, we took my car to the local 7/11 gas station to check the air in my four tires. All four of them were down to 20 pounds. They should be at 32 pounds. OMG! What a difference that made.

The new shop opens tomorrow. They did tell me on Friday, that since I’m part of their family, I can leave the car at the new location and if it needs more expertise, they will take it to the Lewisville location to have it fixed and returned to the new location so I don’t have to make the drive back and forth.

I’m exhausted!

Hopefully, I can get a chance to write!!!