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This week was dedicated to broken down cars. My daughter came home Sunday after her shift at work and complained about her car making a weird noise. I test drove it and THERE WERE NO BRAKES! I thanked God for getting her home safely. And also there was a funny noise that I have never heard coming from a car.

Our trusted repair shop is opening a second shop less than a mile from our house on 12/16. I was thinking I could limp the car there for them to take a look at it but no. Their technicians are still in training and for insurance reasons, they can’t operate until the 16th.

We no longer have AAA but have towing under our insurance. I called them and they came on Monday morning and towed the car. When it arrived at the shop, the technician called me and asked me what specifically was wrong. I told them about the brakes and said it was making a funny noise. How could I describe the noise? He’s a guy and I thought, okay. It was a whir, whir, click, click. Hm. Then it came to me. I asked him if he had ever seen the movie, I, Robot? It sounded like a robot. He got it! And it’s one of his favorite movies!

Turns out he Master Brake Cylinder had to be replaced but the noise? It was the ABS system trying to start up but couldn’t, so it would shut off, hence the click, click. The car would be ready by Thursday.

Which meant that either my husband or I would take our daughter to work. First two days were great. Third day? My husband has a tire that’s losing air. It’s because he has the chrome package on his car and that flakes over time. So now we’re down to my old car which has issues of it’s own. One of them being the driver’s seat doesn’t work like it used to. I’m 4’11. My husband is 6’5.

We will take my husband’s car on Sunday to have them repair it. I swear, there’s a story in there….

But the good news, is I finished the rough draft of book number two! (Still untitled). I want to proof it before I give it to my mentor to read!