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It was my birthday week. I did get to the last chapter of my Billionaire series second book. But, things got out of hand after that.

I had so many ‘free’ coupons for my birthday that expired 10/31, I spent the next couple of days running to the stores to claim my free stuff. It ranged from free dinners, lunches, cakes, cookies, 15% off half priced books, Kohl’s. Yes. I went nuts.

Tonight, I have to fast for a blood test on Monday at 11. I detest blood tests because I’m always scolded about my cholesterol. I’m Sicilian and have inherited it from my ancestors. For those of you who know me, I don’t eat meat and I work out two hours a day, six days a week. It still doesn’t help. Some doctors are fine with the reading because my good cholesterol is higher than my bad. Others think just the opposite. I tried a Statin and I had such a bad reaction to it that I’ve tried alternate methods to reduce it.

Wish me luck tomorrow.

Oh and other news on the Husky front? I will meet the next puppy within 10 days. He came into the Texas Husky Rescue hands and needs to be vetted for 10 days. But I get first dibs! So excited!