Image of a Siberian Huskie

If you follow my FB page, you know that the husky puppy I wanted to adopt didn’t happen. It had a knee injury and was with a foster family nursing him back to health. When my sponsor told me about him, I said I would love to meet him. And with that, the foster family decided to adopt him.

I feel let down but need to move on. My husky will come along. I’ve had an outpouring of advice from friends and families to widen my search.

Getting back to my writing. I’ve come up the perfect end to my second book in my Billionaire series. But the title to it is illusive. I was up most of the night thinking about a name. What does that mean? I’m tired and frustrated and will need a nap later this afternoon!

I’ve had to run tons of errands this week; all due to moving and getting things straight with our store rewards cards. Best Buy, Office Depot, Kroger, Kohl’s just to name a few. Even though, we only moved twelve miles away, we’re in a different city and have to have a new phone number. The previous house had a landline and now I’m using my cell phone number. But, you have to do it in person since not all places accept that over the phone.

It’s all in the details. Just like writing a book!