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It’s been another crazy week. I can’t wait to write a story about the new experiences I encountered this week.

I am very close to finishing my Billionaire story about Sebastian and Isabella. I am trying to come up with the right title for their love story. But let me finish it first.

On a suggestion from a fellow romance author, I have been reading a popular Irish author. Her books are so emotionally charged and covers rape, suicide within her plots by the time I’m done reading her stories, I am emotionally exhausted. Wow!

What else happened? I drove my daughter’s car and broke the window switch on her control panel. Nice Mom, aren’t I? I was in traffic and it’s cool enough to roll down the windows. I pushed the button too hard and SNAP! Called the repair shop and their getting a new one. $481. Youch!

Also, she and I went to a Meet and Greet Siberian Husky event that was forty minutes away. It was all the dogs on their website that were cute but didn’t melt our hearts. Some of these dogs have serious personality problems which stems from being bounced around from home to rescue homes.  The four we met (the others were running late or had canceled) were very hyper aggressive dogs. I would work with them if there had been a connection but it wasn’t there. I would hate to adopt one because I felt sorry for them and then had to return them. I need to wait and find that connection. Kind of like falling in love all over!

But, I need to learn patience. Sigh….