This week has been Customer Service – 3, Lois Kasznia – Nada.

Fight Number One – TruGreen – When we moved, I called TruGreen, whom we had used at our old home for ten years, to service our new home. Because it’s new construction, they couldn’t ‘locate’ it on the map and the CSR had to ‘research’ how to add it. When she called me back the next day, they added it and service began the next day.

Let me regress. The automated assistant is called Trudy, from TruGreen, who will call and let you know of your appointment. Usually, the service is every 6 – weeks.

Sure enough, Trudy began calling everyday and I had to call TruGreen to cancel. This happened 5 days in a row. When I called, I asked for a Supervisor and the CSR gave me sass like you wouldn’t believe. I told her that there was a problem and she couldn’t fix it. Finally, she told me that someone would call. I emailed the supervisor on the ticket and got an immediate response. They had set up two accounts. One was active the other had nothing which triggered the Trudy call. He deleted the account and that was solved.

Fight Number Two – Frontier Cable. At our old home, we had Frontier. In our new home, the HOA pays for cable for one television. (We have three). It’s also Frontier as well. But they’re two separate companies. Old Frontier sent me boxes to return the equipment which I did and got the receipt that I returned it and had a zero balance. But the HOA didn’t get that receipt.

Thursday night, while watching the new fall line up, Frontier literally turned off our service. We had to call and reinstate our service. They charged us for it because they don’t have proof that we have a zero balance with the old Frontier Account. I have to work that out this Monday.

Fight Number Three – Mail delivery. This area is booming with housing. We don’t have a mailbox in front of our house. We have a community mailbox, like an apartment complex. We have a Northlake address but an Argyle zip code. And it’s the Pony Express. They are closed on the weekends. I completed all forms in July and it was acknowledged. But there are days at a time where we don’t get our mail. We only care about bills, but still. So frustrating!

I’m ready to go back to bed and just not deal with it. Argh!