Image of a Siberian Huskie


Getting out of a rut isn’t easy. You need stamina and patience.

I began writing for a living in 2002. I figured that I could write a better book than what I was reading. I checked out established author’s bio’s and how they got started. I researched publishers, signed up for Romance Writers of America, read any article about getting published I could get my hands on and devoted my life to a writing career.

I’ve had my ups and downs but it’s not about making money. Amazon has ruined that as of late. I’ve had a wealth of experience which I plan to use in future endeavors. Yes, I continue to write hoping my works will be published and read but my eyes are wide open. I’ve met amazing authors, editors and publishers and support any advice they have to offer. I just have to practice patience. Sigh.

But on a lighter note, the best part of writing a book is the research. When I come up with an idea of a story, I love to dig deep how the story will unfold. Getting the characters to talk to me so I can tell the story is worth the effort. Then to have the awesome editors I’ve had to coach more out of me is worth the sweat and tears.

Did I tell you that I’m in the process of adopting a rescue dog? I’m in the early stages. I’ve contacted the Texas chapter of Siberian Husky Rescue league…