Cover image of Intercepted

It’s close to NFL time. (I don’t count the preseason). I am a sports junkie. Some folks only like Baseball, others only Hockey. I love them all! I have totally lost interest in the NBA because of selfish players deciding who they want to play with. But since Fall is around the corner, my excitement is growing.

I started out with good intentions of working on my two books and it’s funny how life throws a monkey wrench into my plans. Monday, doesn’t look good either because of a broken down car in the garage that needs to be towed to the repair shop. I can see a whole day being wasted on that alone.

Health Insurance issues have consumed my time. It’s amazing what’s not covered and you’re stuck with the bill. I wonder how I can fit that into a story…..

Adjusting to my new house. I love it, but there is work to be done. And it’s farther away from civilization. Now I have to make sure I prioritize my errands so I don’t waste half the day driving around to get things done. We have a beautiful view since we’re in hill country and I have to admit, Texas sunrises and sunsets are worth seeing!

Happy reading!