Sigh. My sister just returned from a 10 day vacation to my family’s home in Alcamo, Sicily. We were supposed to go last year all as one big family, but things fell through. We didn’t go with them this year since my husband had lost his job and securing our financial future was most important. But after seeing the pictures, visiting my family is now a priority. Such rich cultural history.

But, our new house is getting in order. Hanging pictures is overwhelming since we have so many of them. We got rid of a lot of them during the move and yard sales but it’s hard to let go. Let’s not forget about the 12 antique clocks from my father’s collection. But, it’s getting there.

My husband started his new job two weeks ago and he’s back!

It feels really good to get back to writing. It’s good for the soul. I really want to finish my three part Billionaire series and that’s my goal.

But my husband is rearranging the garage again (what is with men and their garages?) and I hear some gruesome sounds. Dare I stop what I’m doing and take a look?