I tell you. It’s been a hectic week for the Kasznia’s. I’ve moved before, but this move has had it’s moments.

The buyers of our old house have done their fair share of complaining to their realtor about a number of things. I’ve tried to take it in stride. I know I didn’t appreciate the way we were duped by the previous owners (read When the Runway Went South) but you deal with things, right?

The latest was the mail issue. The wife is very upset that she’s getting our mail, so she complained to her realtor. I did put in a change of address in plenty of time but guess what? Our new address is so new, it’s not recognized by the post office. And that’s my fault?

My realtor called my to say that the buyer was putting our mail in a bag on their front porch and to please pick it up. Oh, and don’t ring the doorbell because there is a new born and she might be napping.  I made arrangements to do so since were in another city. I picked it up and chatted with my old neighbors and left to run more errands.

The clincher is, in the mean time their realtor (who knows my daughter) confronted my daughter at work and demanded she text me if I had picked up the mail. My daughter works retail. She can’t stop what she’s doing to accommodate this request. Needless to say, she was upset. My daughter’s boss was upset at the moxie of this realtor and told her to leave.

What is the big deal? All you have to do is write ‘please forward’ on the mail and the postal carrier will take it from there.  Either she’s a first time home buyer or you can fill in the blanks.

So, I looked through the package of mail and in it was a bill from Verizon. My cell phone carrier. I wanted to change the address which I thought I had changed. There was no phone number on the bill so I looked online for customer service. BIG MISTAKE. The number I called was from India and it was a scam. They told me that my phone and internet had been hacked by Mexicans in New Mexico and Arizona. I had a massive headache at the time and this didn’t help. Once they told me that they could fix it for a price, the light bulb went on and I told them I was contacting the FBI. I should’ve clued in from the beginning because they were nasty. Sam Cook, with an Asian accent, snapped at me several times. So I hung up and went to Verizon and reported this number and scam. Turns out this is happening on the East Coast and it was the first time reported in Texas. Guess what. I have a Pennsylvania number.

I think it’s the powers to be telling me it’s time to write a sequel to When the Runway Went South.