No, I did not drop off the face of the earth. I am here in Texas but in a different city.

The closing on both houses went well, but being new construction, we had no internet, television or phone service for 5 days. We didn’t fight because we were so busy unpacking. We got our bedroom and bath ready first. Then came our offices. This should be interesting since we’re both now working from home. I feel like I’m in a cubicle with my husband on the other side. He can hear me on the phone and vice versa!

What about the rest of the house? Well, we had to buy a new fridge. We had gotten rid of a lot of our stuff since we’re downsizing. The boxes were daunting at first, but now that we’ve unpacked and donated the boxes. We can fit into this new house.

The problem is that we’re so far away from everything. I mean, we’re really out in the country with cows and horses as our neighbors. Mail? Does the Pony Express come to mind? We haven’t received our mail at all because it’s new construction. The post office dates back to the 1950’s and is closed on the weekends. This will take some time getting used to, but you know what? Experiences for a new story.

Which means I can start writing again. It’s been tough on my creativity but that’s the price I have to pay.

I love my editor! She’s got the coolest blogs! She’s been sending them to me and now I finally can read them! Brynn Paulin! Check her out!

Don’t forget, Happy Reading!