I wish it was the release of my next couple of books…but wait! That’s been interrupted by me moving from one city to another and consuming my time 24/7.

I do dream and my characters are still talking to me, but when it comes to sitting down at my desk, I’m constantly interrupted by my family, realtor, service people needing my full attention.

For three weeks, I’ve been living with boxes everywhere. It’s to the point that we’re at a standstill because we still have to live here and use pots, pans, dishes, cleaning supplies, towels, beds, you name it.

The good thing is that I was able to donate my piano. That’s one thing off of my to do list. It will not fit into the new house which is significantly smaller than this one. And I donated it to a good cause; for autistic children and adults.

All of the repairs the buyers have asked for have been completed. $$$$ (Groan. Live and learn for the next time.)

We’ve had the walk thru on the new house and it looks great. The Construction Manager even agreed for me to drop off my 40+ plants on the patio the day before we move in. He will look the other way.

The bad news? I had a routine exam on Tuesday and my blood pressure was off of the roof. I’ve NEVER had high blood pressure in my life. It’s usually so low, the nurses accuse me of being the walking dead. This doctor was SO upset that she called my primary care doctor and now I have an appointment tomorrow at 10:30.  I’m a hyper person as it is and a hypochondriac. You DON’T tell me that because I’m freaking out. For some reason, this move is making me crazy. My husband has awakened in the middle of the night to pack. When I heard him in the kitchen at midnight, I unfortunately lit into him. I have no bulbs in my torch lamps. All lamps have been packed. We’re relegated to two bath towels, one set of dishes. And I wonder why my blood pressure is high.

The closing on this house is at 10 on Friday. The closing on the new one is 1:00 on Friday. The mover is coming between 8 – 9 on Friday. The house has to be professionally cleaned which will be between 10 – 12.

How do you relax? I loathe moving!