Cover image of The Sin BinToday, I’m pulling a “Dennis Miller” and going on a rant. Why do customers treat employees at the grocery store like they’re the lowest people on earth?

Example 1) At the deli counter, there was only one employee working. (I have already complained to the store manager about that poor woman left by herself at lunch time on the Fourth of July, was very poor planning on his part.) The customer ahead of me treated that employee like she was dirt. The customer came to the counter and asked for a sample of spicy chicken. The employee took the slab of meat and cut her a sample. The employee asked the customer if she was going to order more meat because if so, please bear in mind that the machine had to be cleaned after each use. The customer replied quite nastily, “and that’s my problem, why? Isn’t that your job?” The customer then played it to the hilt. Ordering a sample and not liking it, making the employee clean the machine over four times. By this time, I had left to complain to the manager, who said he’d deal with it. When I came back to the deli, the poor employee was still catering to this rude person and was close to tears.

Example 2) Customers, please don’t use your cell phones while in line. You think the employees care about what your friend wore to the picnic or party while you ignore them like they’re the dirt on your shoes? Show some common sense.

Thank you for letting me vent. People need to be treated like human beings.