Cover image of The Sin BinAnother week goes by and I have nothing accomplished. I have so many plans and goals to reach and am falling short.

I feel like a batter in a baseball game. I have all of these wild pitches being thrown at me and I’m so busy hitting them but not even getting to base.

Moving is not fun. I’m hoping that once we’re in the new place, things will calm down.  But the process of getting there is a challenge.

I’ve written a page. A whole page. I should’ve turned my phone off while doing so, but no. I’m so worried about missing calls from my husband and daughter.

But, we have a list of things to be fixed for our potential buyers and it turns out our pool is a real nightmare. It’s old, built in 2002. I’ve kept up with updating the board, pumps and a weekly cleaning. But now the panel of the heater doesn’t work. We’ve never used the heater. Hey, it’s Texas. It’s hot. Why bother? Well, it matters to our buyers. The appliance is old so trying to find a panel has become a challenge. This is my first and last pool! Next, there’s a leak in the waterfall. That means the waterfall has to be rebuilt. The salt cell, which we haven’t used in 5 years? Needs to be fixed. And there are copings that need to be replaced. And that’s just the pool.

From the inspection done on the house, (which is 33 pages long), it shows a thermal image of a leak in the ceiling of the upstairs bathroom. Huh? I showed it to the plumber and even he scratched his head. (He had come by to fix a stopped up sink in that very bathroom caused by the HVAC people.) When they flushed the lines of the A/C units, they feed into the upstairs sinks causing debris to clog the sink. Plumber said he’d come by the first of next week to tackle the thermal image. All of this has to be done a week before the closing and I have to show the paper work to the buyer’s realtor.

Then there is the packing which we haven’t even begun. How many boxes? What kind of boxes? We pack and the mover will take care of the rest. So, in the chaos of my house being torn apart, I can’t find things anymore. But, maybe that will solve itself when we actually start packing.

Next? On the new house we need to hire an inspector for that. When we were there a couple of weeks ago, we noticed a couple of things that need to be fixed, so we’ll see if the inspector will catch them too.

Hopefully, this will be all over by 7/27. Then, my life can get back to a somewhat normal pace again. Besides, I wasn’t very good at playing baseball…..