As my best friend always says, Life is an Adventure. People often ask me how I come up with ideas for my books. I listen to people and I also observe. Some of what people have to say, boggles the mind, other stories are sad and I’m praying for a happy ending.

I was born in the East coast, but was raised in the Midwest. I also lived in Pennsylvania before arriving in Texas. Houses always had basements. You stored your junk in your basement, put your second fridge there or you finished your basement, depending on the stage of your life. In your garage, you parked your cars, stored your lawn equipment and tools and maybe your trash cans. Right?

Here in Texas, you can’t have a basement because of the soil. Houses are built on a slab, yet there are still many foundation problems. So what do you do with your junk? You store it in your garage. So many people have so much junk, they can’t park their cars in the garage, so they park them in the driveway. Not a good idea with the number of severe hail storms we get but that climbing insurance rate still doesn’t motivate them to clean out their garage.

I am getting into this because my husband and I have put our home on the market because we need to downsize. Half of our house isn’t even being used. We hired an excellent realtor and have been looking at smaller previously owned homes. Let me tell you, I have enough stories to fill my books.

The first house we looked at, we were not impressed. Yes, it was small but there was a pet odor. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had pets 90% of my life and I always took great care in cleaning. First flag of this house. Went upstairs to look at the bedrooms. The was the Master Bedroom which was small but that’s okay. The next three bedrooms were reserved for the dog, one for the cat and the other for the four birds. Um? Nope!

Next house. Now this is in a nice area, country club amenities and the house sorely needed painting. We walked in the front door and were distracted by the big fridge in the dining room. No table, just a ratty couch next to the fridge. The garage? OMG! Apparently, the people repaired motorcycles which is okay, but what a mess. And it went downhill from there. House after house, we grew more discouraged about finding a place in our town. Houses that were meant to be flipped but stopped short of finishing. Obvious foundation problems, with god awful wall paper. Beautiful old homes on the golf courses with big lots and horrendous garages. New home, the husband loved to work on cars and his driveway and the garage floor had the oil stains to prove it. And the oven? It was disgusting. I don’t think it had ever been cleaned since they’ve lived there.

Back to the drawing board. I think it’s going to be new construction…..