So, summer has arrived. What does that mean? Kids are out of school and already bored. In my neighborhood, lots of teens graduated from high school and were given new cars/motorcycles as presents. I live in a residential area where there are children of every age.  We even have signs on the streets that say, “We love our children. Please obey traffic laws.”

Ha! They still continue to zoom down the streets, blowing stop signs. Normally, I’m in my little own world, population one, letting my characters take over my life, but when I’m almost hit getting the mail? That’s a problem. Please respect others!

Summer is here. There are some summers that are great with sunshine and warm temps. It appears this summer is not one of those. Lots of rain, bad storms and cool temperatures. Darn! I love going for a swim after a hectic day. I’ll learn to use the pool at the local activities center that is filled to capacity.

Summer is here. Running to the mall only to encounter groups of young teens where the ten preteen girls roam from store to store, giggling and the preteen lads following them with their tongues hanging out. Did I ever do that? No. Never. (ha ha)

Sigh, that’s what keeps the world turning and life goes on. That’s what gives me material for my stories, so keep it going!