I SO need a cruise. Big time! My life is too hectic, I want to take a day off just for me.

I did get some writing in at the library because my home life is non stop action. As a matter of fact, last night I had a dream that I was at the library, sitting at my usual table, my hands flying over the keyboard of my old trusted laptop. I had to go to the bathroom. When I got back, the library had changed and I couldn’t find my table with the laptop. I had written over 10,000 words and was on a roll. Panic! I ran all over the library looking for my laptop and I couldn’t find it. When I woke up, I was panting with fear, my heart racing until I realized it was a dream. But, I was wide awake then and right now, a nap might be in my future.

This week, I have researched the new Health Plan I’m now under trying to find a OB-GYN, for my annual visit, that accepts this insurance. When I signed up for it, there were a great number of doctors listed that accepts my new insurance and I felt pleased that 90% of them were local. Well, guess what? They no longer do and the AETNA list has not been updated. Do you know how embarrassing it is to go to the office for an appointment only to be told I had to private pay to the tune of $230 because my insurance is not accepted?  I reached out to the agent who sold me the plan and she’s trying to help. The closest doctor we found is an hour and a half away. And to think I used to work at an insurance company for many years.

On my husband’s day off, we went to Lowes, Home Depot and local nursery to start our spring planting. The weather was perfect for this venture and I planted over 100 babies while my husband trimmed our bushes and mulched. All in one day. After words, our handyman came to fix four of our window screens that were damaged by hail three weeks ago. They came at 5 and left at 7. Ate dinner so lae and because I was so hungry, I ate too much.  I couldn’t move the next day.

Moral support for my daughter was the next day because of insurance. Dental, that is. Her dentist wants to crown her four bottom teeth to the tune of $4000.00. My daughter is on Obamacare and that’s not covered. She’s working two jobs to make ends meet. I told her to say NO. No matter how much the dentist will carry on about it, NO.

On Friday, I had my carpets cleaned and an estimate to fix our foggy windows. Which meant I had to declutter as much as possible for the cleaners and walk through the house with the window person. My jaw is hanging in shock at the price but I do want to be able to see out my windows. It was so humid, that the carpets didn’t dry until the next day. After everyone was gone, I did a major grocery run and put everything away.

Saturday, after I put all the furniture back,  I couldn’t move a muscle and sat in my recliner and read a book. We did have bad storms and there was hail but whew. Our new screens survived!

Watched the Preakness. I cheered on the rider-less horse. To me, that made the race. Too funny.

Tomorrow, I have disciplined myself longer time at the library. When I get home, I have a slew of phone calls to make about everything.

So, Bora Bora? Here I come!