This was an exciting week. I did write more on my second Billionaire series but was interrupted by the painters who were doing the interior of our home. Our family room had a burgundy accent wall from the previous owners and wall paper in the kitchenette area that was unique. It consisted of paper shopping bags that were painted with a sparkle of burgundy, gold and white. They were then cut in various patterns and glued to the wall. The house was built in 2002 and we moved here in 2009. Needless to say, paper does not last. And it was dark with all of those deep colors. In the Real Estate section of the paper, it said that the new colors of homes are white. Well, ours our now neutral.

But getting back to writing, a friend of a friend asked me how I got started in my writing career. Well, needless to say, I now have a new friend and can’t wait to meet her. I love learning about people.

Don’t get me started on the weather. Oh my. We had 5 inches of rain on Wednesday. Love Field Airport in Dallas, the lower parking garage flooded and cars were submerged under water. With the constant threat of hail during this time of year, you’d think it would be a safe place to park. Um…I guess not.

And the snow in Chicago and Wisconsin? Are you kidding?

I do believe that’s material for another story!