This has not been a productive week for me as far as my writing is concerned. Very disappointed in the way my personal life has interfered with my writing passion.

The problem lies with me. I have to learn to say, “No, this is not a good time for me. Let me get back to you when I will be available.” I had been doing so well but let it slip. My goal this week is to make writing a priority, not a ‘when I get around to it.’

We had torrential storms on Saturday and more hail damage. I know the rest of the nation had snow and winter, so I won’t complain too loudly.

On a sad note, my uncle passed away at 82 years old. He had such a great sense of humor and loved to pull jokes on you. My daughter, whom I love with all my heart, is very gullible and he loved teasing her. He was very mechanical and could fix any machine, so you would always find him poking around in the garbage looking for things he could use. He refurbished an old toilet seat cover and made a frame of it with my daughter’s picture in it. Poor thing, didn’t know what to make of it, but the rest of the family had a good laugh. May he rest in peace.

Happy reading and happy writing for me!