Image of a Siberian Huskie

I swear, getting older is not easy. I’ve never been busier in my life. When did all of this happen? Every day, it seems I run non stop. Yesterday, I said enough is enough. I sat in my recliner and read books. I did make two trips but that was it. Today, will be dedicated to writing!

Weather is typical of spring in Texas. Damaging storms is a daily occurrence. It’s a blessing when the storm comes and all it does is rain. No damaging hail or winds. Two years ago on March 28, we had a major hail storm where the hail was the size of a baseball. We needed a new roof, window screens, patio furniture, fence repair and gutters.

Last week’s storm, we had marble size hail which sliced three of the window screens we replaced two years ago. Perhaps, that’s the business to get into…window repair/replacement….just thinking…

But the good news is the book I’m working on, still untitled, is keeping me busy. My characters are so real that I’m even dreaming of them. When I sit down to write, the time flies.

The sad news is that one of my favorite uncles is in Hospice. He’s not been well for a while since the death of his first son about nine years ago. Over last summer, a second son died of a heart attack and that has hit him hard. Our prayers are with him.

Planning a garage sale next weekend…I’m not a fan, but we have got to clean out our house. When we moved ten years ago, it was a process of downsizing and I swore I wouldn’t let that happen again. I started Spring cleaning and was amazed at the amount of stuff I still have that I don’t really use or need anymore. Our neighborhood is having a community garage sale so we decided to participate. Hopefully, it will go well. Fingers crossed!