Image of a Siberian Huskie

Monday started out well. I wrote about ten thousand words and that’s about it. It’s funny how life works. With friends and family, things just happen.

I like to do my writing once a week at our local library. Monday mornings are the best because hardly no one is there. That’s where I wrote the ten thousand words. I came home, turned on the television to watch the noon news. And my TV started smoking. What? I screamed and then thought quickly and unplugged it. I called my husband and he looked at it and decided it was dead. It still had a great picture but the smoke was coming out of the back. He researched our stores for the best buy and yes. It was Best Buy. We made a trip and purchased a similar model. It took him three hours to install the new one and I never heard my husband swear so much. On top of that, I was so stressed out, I got a bloody nose.

While he was doing that, our mail came. Our cable bill went from $150.00 a month to $391. What? I couldn’t deal with calling Frontier. That’s a whole another three hours shot.

Tuesday, I was armed with my Frontier bill and yes. It took three hours and two people later where I finally got the bill somewhat back to normal. (I have to cut ties with cable!) We have four TV’s in the house and one of them we hardly use. I agreed to send the box back to them. I was promised I’d receive the packaging to return it to the proper department.

So, two days shot. Back to writing. Believe me. I am a TOTAL control freak. I used to have a ‘To Do” list that people made fun of all the time.

In my prior life, I was a Benefit Support Analyst for a software company in Illinois. The company designed and wrote programs for Health Insurance companies, ie Blue Cross, Cigna, etc.  My job was to research claim processing problems the our clients had identified. It usually turned out to be a programming problem that was overlooked during development. These problems had to be fixed ASAP, so it was a stressful position. Everyday, I would make up my To Do list and leave it on my desk. When I finished one item, I’d cross it off and move on to the next item. My supervisor, who was very laid back, would also write on my list. When I checked it, I’d see “Take a break” or “It’s time to go home”, written on my list. Then she’d bring it up during our staff meetings and everyone would look at me like I was weird. So, I hid the list from my desk.

When my daughter was of school age, I would have her make a list of things she must do. She was not the best student and would forget to complete assignments.  Ergo, a list. I was called into a teacher/parent conference and was told, “Mrs. Kasznia, you’re daughter is only six years old. I know you mean well, but she doesn’t need to make a list. Give her time to learn.” Okay, then. I now keep a mental list but I’m a planner by nature. Oh by the way? My daughter now keeps a list on her board in her bedroom. Nope! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

I don’t know about other authors, but I can’t sit for long periods of time. I get so into what I’m writing, my shoulders tense up and then I get a headache. I need to take breaks, which leads me to throw in a chore during that time which leads me to a time lapse. When I do sit back down again, my characters have stopped talking to me. I guess they’re upset because I’m not listening.

Come Monday, I’ll attempt to do better. But then my car needs it’s annual inspection, Frontier Fios didn’t send me the box to return an unused cable box….