Image of a Siberian Huskie

Is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I love reading series; Susan Wiggs, Susan Mallory, Debbie Macomber and the list goes on. So, when I started my Billionaire series, I thought, piece of cake. Ha!

I wrote the first story. I’ve loaned it out to my trusted friends to see what they think. So far, I’ve had no feedback and maybe that’s a good thing. Because I’m finding a lot of holes as I work on the second story. Biggest thing, is not defining my characters.  In the first story, I have introduced them and now I find I didn’t do a good enough job in the first book.  I’m reworking the first story as I write the second. It’s driving me to eating French fries.

I know, French fries are bad for you, but they taste so good! Especially under stress. When I was younger and working at Blue Cross Blue Shield in downtown Chicago on Michigan Avenue, I had a standard lunch date with my best friend. (You know who you are). We would meet at McDonald’s and our lunch was a large fry and a diet coke.

Next, we both got pregnant and that was it. Eating healthy took top priority. And I was really good about it too. It wasn’t until we moved to Texas and I tasted a Whataburger French fry. Now I’m hooked again. I still try to chase them down with a healthy salad, but it’s become my weakness now. I even work out longer to combat their effect but why is that everything that’s bad for you tastes so good? Sigh.

And another point about writing the series, is that while I’m fixing the first story, the characters in the second story stop talking to me? Really? French fry time!