Cover image of Intercepted

What a week! It’s been crazy! I have to admit I was able to work on my new book featuring Sebastian and Isabella, but life has kept me hopping.

On Christmas day, I broke my finger bringing the trash can to the curb. I wrapped it up with a stint (a thick emery board) and kept its straight for six weeks. I took it off on Friday and it’s learning to use it all over again. Typing is a nightmare!! I have to work at it…

I’m a very organized person, but lately, it seems like all the balls are in the air and I’m trying to juggle them. We had a tease of warm weather on Thursday and since it’s happened a lot, our Bermuda grass is starting to grow and turn green. NO! It’s still winter.

We decided to take our mower in for a tune up. (I’m strange. I like to mow. It’s great exercise!) Turns out the mower which is only 3 years old will not fit into the trunk of any of our cars. Where are our bungee cords? Stretched out and worthless. It’s 80 degrees and I’m wearing jeans; tempers are short. After a trip to Lowe’s for new bungee cords, we’re on our way to the Repair Shop. We pull up to see it empty and a big sign on the window. They just closed after being in business for 40 years. Fortunately, the sign had a recommendation at another shop. Mr. Kasznia didn’t want to go but I twisted his arm. Turns out that the owner was wonderful; lives only 2 miles away from us and offered to bring the mower to our house when they’re done. I told Mr. Kazsnia, sometimes the struggles are worth it.

Now, back to Sebastian and Isabella!