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As an author, I have to be wary of falling into bad habits. I have a tendency to read lots of books of all genres and a few are poorly written. You’d think that after knowing this, I’d be more careful. But, sometimes I find myself in the same boat. I’m working on the second book of a three book Billionaire series and I thought I was doing great. When I read over what I had written, I found myself extending the characters from the first one into the second. NO! On Friday, I ripped out a lot of what I had written and made these characters more prominent and the action early on in the story. I feel like I’m back on track. Whew!

Also, someone recommended a series to read and let me tell you, I was very disappointed. I will not read the other two books only because it’s this author is trying to ride the coattails of another author who made it big.  Same story and plot. I like original characters and plots.

I miss Google’s BlogSpot. I need to find another platform in addition to the ones I use. Any suggestions are more than welcome.