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New routine for social media. Google + is shutting down. That’s where I have my blog. I blog, then copy it to my website so it can be seen by more people. I have to do investigative work to find another blog spot. I tell you, I do not do change well.

Back to the writer in me, I’m making progress with my second story in my Billionaire series. I was twenty pages into the story and it wasn’t going the way I wanted. My characters and I were at odds with each other. When that happens, I remove myself from thinking about it. I picked up Vince Flynn/Kyle Mills, The Survivor. It’s a political thriller which I like to read. I’ve read all of Vince Flynn’s books but he passed away. This is the first Kyle Mills for this series and it was good. I was almost done with The Survivor, when my characters took over. I finished the book but then sat down and rewrote my twenty pages and now feel okay with the story. I guess the characters were upset that I had ignored them. Whatever it takes.

Super Bowl Sunday. I’ll watch the game even though I could care less about either team. It’s the commercials I’ll pay attention to. We are having mild weather, so we decided to get fresh seafood and grill. We might even eat outside since the temps will be in the 70’s.

Then Monday will come and it’s back to work.