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Crazy week. The good news is that I got my royalties for 3rd quarter 2018. Money is a great motivator to keep on writing but I’ll do it anyway.

Bad things this week. First off. Very unhappy with Coach Outlet. For my significant birthday, my husband bought me a Coach purse as a surprise in March. (My birthday is in October!) He knows I’m hard on purse straps and the sales person assured him that the purse has a 1 year warranty.

Well, the straps are starting to show wear and the seams are discolored. Since I work at home, I’m not dragging it on a bus or train to work. When I take it in my car, It sits on my back seat (I have a two door car and no one ever sits in the back seat.) So, it’s not like I’m dragging it through the mud. So, with my receipt in hand, I took it back to a Coach Outlet and they refused to give me a refund or exchange because I had passed the time for a return. Um, that’s not what we were told when we bought it. I spoke to the manager who treated me like dirt. Next resort was I contacted Headquarters and submitted pictures of it. I know the purse was not made in the USA and after this experience, I will not shop at an outlet if this is the way they treat their customers.

Second thing…I switched Healthcare Insurance. I’m pleased with the company so far. I’ve had my routine stuff and they’ve paid accordingly. I will give them 5 stars. However, (you knew there would be one..)

Saturday morning, I’m on my treadmill since 7 am and the phone rings at 8. On a Saturday. No one calls me that early ever unless it’s an emergency. So me being the Sicilian….who died?

I play back the message and it’s from Aetna with an urgent message about updates to my policy. Really? On a Saturday at 8 am? I dutifully call them back and it’s a recording. It was a questionnaire about my health. Am I lonely? Am I depressed? Can I get out of bed by myself? Those kind of questions. I answered them but they still told me the help numbers I should call if I experience any of these symptoms. And always talk to me doctor if the people at these phone numbers don’t satisfy me. 15 minutes of this…Aetna is getting a call from me this week. I’d rather fill out a survey and mail it back to them than a phone call. On a Saturday. Before 9 am….

Back to writing. How can I fit these stories into my current WIP??